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Sodium acetate, sodium acetate

Sodium acetate, sodium acetate

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Sodium acetate is one of the acetic acid salt. This substance is widely used as a preservative in food products food additives called E-262. Preparation of sodium acetate in sodium acetate industry obtained by dry distillation of wood. But almost every one of us at least once in his life spent in the kitchen to obtain a chemical reaction with sodium acetate. This is a common baking soda quenching with acetic acid! Reaction equation for producing sodium acetate is as follows: NaHCO3 + CH3COOH = SN3SOONa + H2CO3 As a result, it forms sodium acetate and carbonic acid, which is an extremely unstable compound, which almost immediately decomposes into water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, it can be said that by reacting acetic acid and baking soda formed aqueous sodium acetate solution from which the crystalline form can be obtained by evaporation of the substance. Properties of sodium acetate and its spread in nature Sodium acetate is a colorless crystalline substance having a weak smell of acetic acid. Crystals its sparingly soluble in alcohol and ether, but dissolve readily in water, forming a solution of sodium acetate. Not flammable, have low toxicity. Sodium acetate is widely found in nature. This substance is a member, both animal and plant cells. Most fruits on a par with natural acids and contain sodium acetate. It is also formed in the process of bacterial fermentation, so it is always possible to find in any dairy product. The use of sodium acetate, sodium acetate is widely used in the food industry. It is added to the flour, for protection of bakery products from "potato disease" caused by Bacillus mesentericus. Moreover, this dietary supplement is added to any vegetable preserves, as it is well softens overly sharp taste of acetic acid. Often sodium acetate is used as a dietary supplement and in the production of chips, which he gives a pleasant, slightly turns the smell of vinegar, flavor and taste. Sodium acetate is included in the list of permitted food additives for use in all European countries, including Russia and Ukraine. Due to such properties of sodium acetate as a low toxicity, it is believed that a healthy person can consume it in food in any quantity. Therefore, Russia is not set maximum daily dose on the use of this substance. In addition to the food industry of sodium acetate used in medicine (included in the series of diuretics and other drugs), in construction chemistry, textile industry, electroplating industry and photographic. Dangerous properties of sodium acetate health In spite of the fact that sodium acetate is a substance with low toxicity, it still may be harmful to human health. Do not eat foods containing the food additive E-262 for people suffering from vascular dystonia, hypertension, goiter, and diseases of the urinary tract, bowel, gallbladder, liver. Danger use of sodium acetate in food is that it is able to turn the intestines in very toxic nitrates, besides having a carcinogenic action. The results are often conducted scientific studies have shown that excessive consumption of sodium acetate several times increases the risk of malignancies, as well as quite severe allergic reactions. In addition, large doses of sodium acetate can lead to poisoning. Its symptoms are: headache and dizziness; Suddenly emerging abdominal pain; Pale skin and mucous membranes; Convulsions; Loss of coordination; Shortness of breath; Fainting. Sodium acetate can not be used in the manufacture of products intended for children's food. Therefore, if on the product packaging, you can see that it contains a food additive E-262, then do not buy it for your child.

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Sodium acetate, sodium acetate
Sodium acetate, sodium acetate
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